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–ADJECTIVE: 1. exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous: a motley crowd. 2. being of different colors combined; 3. wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool.
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#LesserofTwoEvils explained: Why #Christians Should Support @realDonaldTrump

The "Lesser of Two Evils" (#LOTE) argument lately has become a topic that Americans can count on discussing in every Presidential election. Included in that argument is a debate over the #LOTE concept itself, some arguing that it is a legitimate and important choice that is our moral obligation to make, while others argue that evil is evil and you should never vote for evil whether it is the greater or the lesser choice. Today we will explore why the former argument is correct and the latter is dangerous, both for Christians and for the country. 

In what is perhaps the most famous and most powerful of his many brilliant treatises and sermon series, "The Evil of Evils," the 17th-Century Puritan Divine and Reformer Jeremiah Burroughs teaches us, among many other things, that both Affliction and Sin are evils, but that Affliction is the lesser evil of the two and is in all ways infinitely to be preferred to Sin.

What, you probably are asking, does a lesson from a 17th century preacher have to do with the 2016 Presidential election? Well, if we can establish that voting for one candidate would be an Affliction, while voting for the other would be a Sin, and if we can agree with Burroughs (which I hope that any spiritually sane Christian would do) on the weighty importance of the distinction between the two, then we will see why it is better to choose a candidate who might be no more than an Affliction to us than to choose a candidate that definitely would qualify our choice (vote) as a Sin.

(Note to the Reader: Everything beyond the previous paragraph is my personal rationale, derived largely from Burroughs's book, as to why Christians should vote for Donald Trump (a self-imposed Affliction) and not Hillary Clinton (a conscious Sin). I do not propose to speak for whom Burroughs himself would have voted.)

I should state up front that whether or not you agree with my assessment of the two candidates will hinge largely upon your own personal theology. I, for instance, am a Reformed, Orthodox, Bible-believing Christian. If you are a Roman Catholic, Atheist, liberal Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim, or some other religion or brand of "evangelical" or "Christian" you probably are not going to agree; nevertheless, I will  address my remarks to all professing Christians.

I should also point out that the largely-godless media has no interest in either candidate's true spiritual condition beyond the media's ability to attract readers with nonsensical posts and articles on what "evangelicals" think about the candidates and which way evangelicals are leaning. One recent online article by a Leftist Liberal theologian suggested that Hillary Clinton clearly comes closer to representing Christian values than Donald Trump. I strongly disagree, but I can see how a Leftist Liberal Theologian (AKA "unbeliever") would reach that conclusion about a Leftist Liberal Socialist like Hillary.

And so, I make my case.

In my observation neither candidate has shown much, if any, evidence of a true or strong Christian faith. Neither seems to be a regular church goer (by "church" I mean a church that meets the Biblical requirements and definitions of a church). Neither seems to ever invoke the name of God or Christ in any sense that would indicate that they understand who those two persons of the Trinity truly are.  In short, while it is a slippery slope to state whether or not someone is a Christian, suffice it to say that there is not a lot of fruit growing on either of the candidate's trees.

So, here is why I think Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils, and why it is the obligation of true Christians to vote for him instead of Hillary. As you will note, my conclusions start with why Christians should NOT vote for Hillary Clinton and, working backward from there, conclude that the lesser of the two evils truly is the potentially afflictive Donald J Trump and not the inevitably sinful(1) Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is demonstrably:
  1. A consistently unrepentant and compulsive liar. 
  2. A supporter of murder in the form of abortion (and perhaps in the form of actual murder).
  3. A racist.
  4. A person with a seared conscience.
  5. An enabler of sexual abuse and assault.
  6. An unindicted criminal.
  7. A traitor (at the very least, disloyal) to her country.
  8. Power hungry.
  9. Subversive to Christian values and beliefs, and a serial persecutor of Christians.
  10. Someone who will appoint Liberal, Progressive, Socialist Supreme Court justices who care nothing for the Constitution and will further erode our religious liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.
But wait, you say, most or all of those things describe Donald Trump, too! My reply: Some do, but not all, and certainly not to the degree that they describe Hillary Clinton. To wit:
  1. Donald Trump lies, but certainly not as compulsively or with as much conviction as Hillary Clinton lies. Mr. Trump frequently tells the truth or some reasonable semblance of the truth. Not so much with Mrs. Clinton. No one has claimed that anyone ever died as a result of a lie that Trump told. It is a fact that people have died as a result of lies that Mrs. Clinton told. LOTE: Trump
  2. Who knows if Mr. Trump is for or against abortion at any given time? At the moment, at least, he seems to take a stance against partial birth abortion, and might even be in favor of removing the issue from the Supreme Court and turning it over to the individual states. LOTE: Trump.
  3. There is ample evidence that both candidates don't have a sterling record on race, so you have to look at their policies and their potential affects on minorities. Hillary has supported failed Democrat party policies on race for 30 years. The Democrat party is the party of the Klan and segregation. The Republican party is the party of Lincoln and civil rights. Trump's economic policies will at least provide a real chance for minorities to improve their positions, and Trump is most likely to side with a Republican congress that has actually improved the lot of minorities. LOTE: Trump.
  4. You have to have a bit of a seared conscience to marry and divorce multiple times. You have to have a bit of a seared conscience to take money from students and not provide them with the experience they paid for. You have to have a REALLY seared conscience to try to destroy the women your husband sexually assaulted. You have to have a REALLY seared conscience to sell your country down the river to the highest bidder.  LOTE: Trump.
  5. Hillary has waged a 30-year battle against women and their unborn children. Hillary not only overlooked her husband's extramarital sexcapades, she was an enabler of his sexual perversion, including his repeated trips to rape underage girls on a secluded foreign island. Hillary tried to destroy the women with whom her husband slept, at least one of whom was raped. Trump's worst "sex crimes," if you can call them that, are calling some of his female adversaries derogative names. To his credit, he has yet to (publicly) do so with Hillary. LOTE: Trump
  6. Donald Trump has been taken to court before, but mostly for civil actions, some of which he lost and had to pay a penalty. Trump University might result in the same outcome. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is the O.J. Simpson of politics, except that she has committed multiple crimes and, unlike O.J., has yet to even be indicted because of her political connections -- Everything from Whitewater to stealing the White House furnishings on their way out. LOTE: Trump. 
  7. Hillary sold access to foreign entities while in the White House, maybe worse, but we don't know how much worse since she destroyed all the evidence. She sold our domestic uranium reserves to Russia.  She was complicit with President Obama in the Iranian nuclear deal. Her top aide is the daughter of parents who are or were both members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood (and her top aide, like Hillary, is married to a sexual pervert). Hillary has made millions of dollars by peddling influence to our enemies. The biggest rap on Trump is that he has some of his Trump-brand products made in China and he thinks that Putin is a stronger, more capable leader than Obama or Clinton. Can anyone seriously deny the truth of the latter? LOTE: Trump.
  8. Anyone who runs for President does so out of at least a partially selfish motive, including the motive for power. The major difference between Clinton and Trump is that Hillary wants to consolidate and further expand the power of the Presidency. Trump genuinely recognizes that the Congress and the Courts are the checks and balances against tyrannical abuse by the President. Hillary would kill for the job (and might have already). Trump wants it because he is truly concerned for the country, not because he really needs or wants it solely for the purpose of exercising a fiefdom. LOTE: Trump.
  9. Hillary is for homosexual marriage, abortion and transgendered restrooms. Trump is against at least one, maybe two of those, and he is at least open to discussion on the ones he is unsure about. Hillary not only is not open to discussion, given the opportunity she would destroy those who disagree with her on these issues. LOTE: Trump
  10. Christianity is under attack in the world, perhaps nowhere more so than in the United States.  As Secretary of State, along with Barack Obama Hillary Clinton ignored the plight of Christians in the Middle East. She has also turned a blind eye and deaf ear to persecuted Christians in our own country. She, with President Obama, was the architect of an illegal immigrant re-settlement that was weighted 98% in favor of Muslim immigrants, with only about 2% of those relocated here being Christian. Hillary believes only in freedom FROM religion, not freedom OF religion, unless your faith is non-Christian. For 30 years she has pushed a humanist, atheistic world view in public schools and in the public square. Donald Trump actually believes in the First Amendment. Yes, he has said he wants to make it easier to sue for libel, but that is not likely to happen and the continued discussion of that claim is nothing more than a distracting ruse by the mainstream media that serves as a de facto SuperPAC for Hillary Clinton. Finally, and perhaps the most important of all, if Hillary gets to appoint one or more Supreme Court judges the freedom to practice Christianity will be diminished and other religions will actually be promoted by the government at the expense of Christianity, even more than currently happens under President Obama. President Trump will appoint justices who value and protect the Constitution, a document that Hillary trashes daily in both her speech and her actions. Trump will protect the First Amendment rights of all religions, including Christianity. LOTE: Trump.
Let's see, for Christians that pretty much makes the LOTE score 10 to 0 in favor of Mr. Trump, doesn't it? Let's hope there are enough Bible-believing, Christ-centered Christians out there that agree and care enough not to sit our this election and allow Sin to win over the potential for a little Affliction. 

(1) We all, including Christians (I among them), are sinners.  In the context of this article, I am talking about the degree and frequency of one's sins. While the least sin is worthy of punishment by death, there are degrees of sin, thus we can reasonably argue that there are degrees of sinners, which always brings us back to the LOTE argument. When I personally weigh the evidence, Donald Trump is the candidate who, on balance, is more likely to govern according to my understanding of God's Word. I believe Christians can find common ground with Trump; I believe just as strongly that there are no grounds to believe the same of Hillary Clinton.

Beloved, we cannot change things unless we are politically active. But we must never be politically active if our motives are not grounded in the Word of God and our desires covered in prayer before we act.