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Elections Proof That Democrats Hate Democracy

If last Tuesday's voting proved anything, it is that Democrat's are very much not in favor of democracy. Take, for example, the HERO ordinance on the ballot in Houston, TX, and the Kentucky gubernatorial election.

In Houston, gay (former) mayor @anniseparker established long before the election that she does not give a damn about the people's will, or the law, for that matter. Her post-election lecture/propaganda speech only solidified her position. Parker, who did everything she could to circumvent the law in order to keep the HERO ordinance off the ballot, stayed true to form after the good people of Houston voted down the ordinance by a nearly two-thirds majority. She blamed the loss on (a) the fact that it was on the ballot to begin with; (b) a campaign of lies (though it was not clear if she was talking about the campaign of lies she started in favor of HERO, or if maybe she was seeing her own image in the teleprompter and thought she was speaking to herself); the hatred of religious people (whom, by the way, she hates) towards the LGBT community (another lie); and, by inference, the ignorance of the 61% of the population that remains clueless and/or uncaring about a "little understood minority group" (immoral perverts who like to dress up like the opposite sex), which ignorance somehow has survived despite those same voters electing an openly-gay mayor and returning her to office, not to mention voting her into one city office or another for 19 years running (thank you, Michael Berry, for that factoid).

The Houston Chronic(le), of course, blamed it on a lack of outreach to the Black community, thought it is unclear how HERO support would have been helped by outreach to a group that voted overwhelmingly AGAINST the ordinance because the Black community is overwhelmingly OPPOSED to homosexuality and its attendant aberrations, such as transvestism.

 (Thank God now EX-mayor) Parker has declared war on the will of the people -- the ignorant, unwashed by liberal brainwashing masses -- despite their overwhelming rejection of her LGBT agenda. And taking her vitriolic, marxist stance even further, she has declared war on the economy and well-being of Houston and Houstonians as punishment for exercising their right to vote, think and believe in a manner contrary to her and the LGBT community's way of doing things. The gay Parker was not so gay -- she was downright glum and menacing -- in practically begging everyone in the country to punish Houstonians for casting their ballots the wrong way. Of course, she was unduly encouraged by a business community which either does not  believe it should take a principled, moral stance on a decidedly moral issue; whose principles are governed  not by morality but by money; or that, like so many individuals in this country, simply no longer possesses a moral compass based on anything other than their and others' feelings, much less based on what they see as archaic and harmful Judaeo-Christian beliefs and ideas.

And let us not forget Kentucky where, among other issues, Matt Bevin ran for governor on a promise to get rid of Obamacare. Was his 9-point margin of victory the will of the people? Not according to the DCCC and their Marxist sycophants, thus began the attacks immediately after the polls closed to discredit the vote and the voters in Kentucky.  Oh, no, only the ignorant, the uninformed and right-wing nut jobs could possibly have wanted to get rid of a program so brilliantly conceived and executed as Obamacare

Houston and Kentucky are but two examples of how the Democrats are waging war on the democratic process. For those of us who frequently ask if our vote really counts, but we vote anyway, there is increasing evidence that your vote really does not count, at least as far as the "progressive" marxist-Democrat party is concerned. Expressing the people's will is a battle won, but the war is far from over. And a special note for Houstonians: It should not take long for the Supreme Court to side with the perverted ex-mayor of your fine city. But thanks for voting, anyway.

The Motley Blogger
Thursday, November 5, 2015

(Beloved, we cannot change things unless we are politically active. But we must never be politically active if our motives are not grounded in the Word of God and our desires covered in prayer before we act.)