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Is Michelle More Electable Than Hillary?

A motleyblogger.com Editorial, All Rights Reserved. Sunday, March 2, 2014

Whatever deal might have been cut between the Obama and Clinton camps in 2008 to ensure Hillary a run for the Presidency in 2016, I am certain that it in Obama’s mind there was a “If you want to be President in 2016, you can be President in 2016” escape clause, aka “I lied.”

With that likely unspoken disclaimer, and with all his other broken promises and lies in mind, it would not surprise me at all to see Michelle pop up as a last-minute candidate for President in 2016 (hey, there have been wackier predictions, not the least of which was Sarah Palin’s prediction that Putin would invade Ukraine if Obama was elected President. Oh, wait...).

Do you doubt that Michelle will have a much better chance of winning than Hillary Clinton?

Just think about it. The only real baggage that Michelle is carrying at the moment (other than the multitude of chic suitcases she needs each time she goes on an outrageously expensive vacation) are Barack, and her failure to curb childhood obesity through her misguided and insincere meddling with school nutrition programs.

Hillary, on the other hand, carries with her the political baggage of shady real estate deals, her willingness to pimp (literally) her husband’s political career in order to save her own, the suspicious -or at least oddly-timed - deaths of several Clinton political associates, disastrous results as Secretary of State (she started more fires than the world can put out at one time), and more morally-objectionable social policy positions than you can shake a stick at (Hillarycare / Obamacare, radical abortion views, a devotee of a notoriously-racist eugenicist and so on). And she is an old white woman, something that is only marginally better than the old white men that lose Republicans presidential elections.

What follows is a list of reasons why people who supported Barack should be more than willing to support Michelle for President.

  • No birther issues. Nobody could reasonably doubt that she is a U.S. Citizen.
  • She should no longer be “not proud” of her country. Her husband will have had eight years to make her proud, not to mention that it is hardly the country that it was when she first made that ungrateful pronouncement. She can tout all of Barack's fantastic achievements and promise more of the same --free phones, subsidized vehicles, new and shakier mortgage loans, free college tuition, amnesty, voter fraud, all the hope you can bring yourself to believe -- just about anything a liberal's heart could desire, made possible by mere possession of the office, a pen and a phone.
  • If low-information voters loved Barack, they should worship Michelle. Black mothers fare much better in the opinions of most Americans than black fathers when it comes to trustworthiness and responsibility. In the past eight years we have created even more of them (LIV’s), which could only strengthen her chances.
  • Her qualifications upon entry to the position would be as great or greater than Barack’s when he was elected for his first term, plus she now has eight years of studying at the feet of the Political Messiah to guide her in her own Presidency.
  • She probably has a diploma that she actually earned, , which means she might be actually smart rather than media-imagined smart like her husband.
  • She is 100% African-American. Barack is only Halfrican-American. Hillary is black only by association with Bill, the self-declared "first black President."
  • She is younger and marginally prettier than Hillary. Both are easier on the eyes than Barack.
  • She can speak extemporaneously. Barack is tongue- and mind-tied without a teleprompter. Hillary can also speak without a teleprompter, but she angers easily and is going to say a bunch of regretful things between now and the 2016 election.
  • She would not require additional taxpayer-provided luggage, unless the luggage she has now goes out of style in the next eight years (what, you don’t think she could get elected for a second term?).
  • Barack won't be hanging around and interfering in policy matters -- much the same as he does not do now. Michelle will be allowed to be her own woman. If Hillary is elected, Bill will be in her hair all the time, not matter how many times she changes her 'do.
  • To my knowledge, she does not love golf. Shopping seems to be her thing, and that generally does not require as much time as 18 holes of golf.
  • Her family and personal background is such that she might, deep-down, have a moral conscience. That's a plus over the current occupant of the office and over a potential Clinton presidency.
  • As First Husband and as a current or former user, Barack can advocate for marijuana and tobacco use in the government schools. Both are known to decrease obesity.

-- The Motley Blogger