"mot·ley" - Pronunciation Key - [mot-lee]
–ADJECTIVE: 1. exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous: a motley crowd. 2. being of different colors combined; 3. wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool.
–NOUN: 1. a combination of different colors. 5. a parti-colored effect. 6. the parti-colored garment of a jester. 7. a heterogeneous assemblage. 8. a medley.


For Christians Only: Obamacare to Cover Married Gay Couples in 2015

Regardless of whatever we may do politically, Christians have one more major reason to keep praying about the Obamacare law and for our government, and for doing so without becoming discouraged. (James 18:1. I prefer the KJV version, that calls upon us to pray without fainting). 

Beloved, we cannot change things unless we are politically active. But we must be politically active only after our motives are grounded in the Word of God, and our desires are covered by our prayer to God, before we act.