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Calling our Well-Intentioned President a Liar is Offensive to Many HR People...And Therein Lies the Problem

(Blog Editor's Note:) Start at the bottom to see the post that drew my response below. I stated in a LinkedIn HR forum that the President lied about being able to keep your insurance. Vicki R replied with the typical liberal response, which would be indicative of the responses of most HR people, who are, as a group, far-left leaning and bureaucratic in their personal make-up and world views.

Vicki R,

Your viewpoint is a bit insulting to those people who (a) are self-employed or who had an individual policy for whatever reason and (b) don't "think" but KNOW the new policy either has worse coverage, coverage they don't need, is more expensive, or all-of-the-above. Your reply, and those like it, screams "You're too stupid to know what is good for you." Typical liberal, bureaucratic response and the philosophy behind the destruction of our healthcare system. Also typical of people in HR.

Your argument is specious and a Pollyanna response if ever there was one. The government did not "give the public more time to understand their current coverage against what is required by the ACA law so they can make the proper choice for themselves" out of some "consideration."  They did it out of DESPERATION because they totally screwed up healthcare.gov, they totally wrecked the healthcare industry, they unilaterally destroyed the free-market healthcare insurance system, AND they LIED and got caught.

How much time do you reckon will need to pass before all those ignorant people agree that they are getting a better deal? Giving people enough time to figure out that what was foisted on them is better than whatever personal choices they might make is a typical Marxist tactic and is code for "resistance is futile and people will accept diminished freedom if you just hold them down long enough." If you don't know or understand Marxism and its tactics for forcing people to do what the government decides is best for them, you should study up on it.

Why not give people with existing individual policies a real choice, right now and up front? Say to them, "Look, here is this new policy and here is what it will cost you and here is why it is a much better deal for you," then allow them to decide for themselves?

Why do we need, as you claim, the passage of time for them to make a proper choice? I'll tell you why: Because liberals don't believe in personal choice, only what the government thinks is best. Because time is not going to change or fix anything with Obamacare, except to cement people into accepting policies and a new way of delivering and paying for healthcare that they don't want; accepting coverage they don't need; and making payments they can't afford. Because liberals cannot stand for people to make a personal decision if that decision does not comport with the liberals' idea of what the individual should do, bad personal decision or not. And because people like you parrot meaningless terms invented by the White House and policymakers, such as "junk policies" and "scam insurance companies." You use those and other meaningless but excitatory statements to engender support for your ideas and justify, in this case, a takeover of a major segment of the economy, not to improve health care or access to it. If you and policymakers really believe there are junk policies issued by scam insurance companies, then legislatively outlawing such policies and companies would  have been a far simpler and much less expensive solution if there was a speck of truth to your claims. But insurance and health care reform are not really what Obamacare is all about anyway, are they?

Sorry you are offended by my remarks, but I hope our differences do not mean we cannot be friends. We just see the world differently.

How is the weather where you are?

On 01/03/14 10:55 AM, Vicki R. wrote:
I definitely feel our President did not LIE about the insurance you could or could not keep. When he said this comment, it was referring to people who have insurance thru employment or are self-employed. The people who were cancelled because of the new ACA law were insurance junk policies. By that, I mean the policies had a cheap monthly cost but if that person had major surgery they would not be covered. Most of these policies are discount programs and are not even considered REAL insurance policies. Insurance means "in case you need something due to an unforeseen incident". These policies are typically sold to people who have limited income and do not know the difference of coverages between insurance carriers. Basically they are SCAM insurance company's. I feel it was considerate our government is giving the public more time to understand their current coverage against what is required by the ACA law so they can make the proper choice for themselves. He DID NOT LIE and I am offended by your remarks. Thank you.