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–ADJECTIVE: 1. exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous: a motley crowd. 2. being of different colors combined; 3. wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool.
–NOUN: 1. a combination of different colors. 5. a parti-colored effect. 6. the parti-colored garment of a jester. 7. a heterogeneous assemblage. 8. a medley.


50 Shades of Additional Lies: A Suddenly-Worried WH's New Defense of Obamacare, State by State

So, what is the new #WH /  #OFA plan for defending Obamacare? A 50-page document (one for each state, so it really should have been 57 pages, but BHO never got around to naming his seven new states) that explains the high costs of repealing Obamacare, the pig of a law now all dressed up and wearing "the Affordable Care Act" lipstick.  

This post would have been even more outrageous had I gotten it out a half-hour earlier when clicking on the link took you to a website that did not work. Alas, it is working now, and we are asked by the WH to go there and read all about the tragic (and mostly imagined) outcomes should anyone now or in the future have the audacity to #AbortObamacare. (I was always under the impression that normally the cost of doing nothing was, well, nothing. Apparently that is not the case.) 

But let's look at just one relevant, historical example of "doing nothing." Between 1492 and roughly 1950, state and federal governments interfered little with the insurance business (did nothing) other than to regulate it in the same way they regulated banks and similar institutions; therefore we can only assume that, for Obama and compatible thinkers, there must have been a tremendously high cost to the government's for adopting a posture of  not meddling with Free Enterprise. Nevermore. Obama and the Dems have meddled, and now they want you to know what the cost of not meddling is, without any discussion of the costs of actually meddling.

If we are to believe this latest attempt to shore up and defend Obamacare (excuse me, the ACA), the following will happen if Obamacare (excuse me, the ACA) is repealed (with apologies to people in Alabama who might consider themselves Alabamans, not Alabamians as the fly-over White House elitists refer to them): 

  • 1,084,000 individuals on private insurance have gained coverage for at least one free preventive health care service such as a mammogram, birth control, or an immunization in 2011 and 2012. In the first eleven months of 2013 alone, an additional 506,400 people with Medicare have received at least one preventive service at no out of pocket cost. THE WHOLE TRUTH: These services could have easily and cost-effectively been extended to 1.5 million people without wrecking a third of the economy. Obamacare will have spent well over $1 billion dollars for the healthcare.gov web site alone by the time it is fully operational (if ever), and several TRILLION dollars of tax-payer money. The expense of the web site alone would have paid many times over for immunizations, birth control and mammograms for far more than 1.5 million people (see proposed new hashtag below, #ObamaMath).
  • The up to 2,040,000 individuals with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, cancer, or diabetes – including up to 267,000 children – will no longer have to worry about being denied coverage or charged higher prices because of their health status or history. THE LIE: Children (who are of infinitely greater value than adults in liberals' eyes) rarely, if ever, were denied treatment for asthma, cancer and diabetes prior to Obamacare (excuse me, the ACA), nor will they be denied treatment for same if Obamacare (excuse me, the ACA) is repealed. Denial of insurance coverage does not equate to denial of treatment. (The WH is a clever and wily pack of liars when it comes to word games. This lie is the same regarding adults).
  • Approximately 897,000 Alabamians have gained expanded mental health and substance use disorder benefits and/or federal parity protections. THE LIE: Most of these protections were extended pre-Obamacare (excuse me, the ACA). Note the use of "expanded," not "new." And what the hell is a "federal parity protection," anyway? Sounds like some kind of bird-species protection law from the EPA wacko's, not something that will resonate with the average citizen trying to get through this blister-pack of twisted excuses.
  • 643,000 uninsured Alabamians will have new health insurance options through Medicaid or private health plans in the Marketplace. THE WHOLE TRUTH: Yes, but even with subsidies can they afford it? Will they ever be able to use it in light of the high deductibles? The truth is that these people already had access to healthcare as a matter of state and/or federal law. Now the government wants to tax them and everyone else for the care that was already being provided by tax dollars, but at the same time makes it more difficult to access. Taxes upon taxes for a lower level of access and the same level of health care. NOW, THAT"S A DEAL!
  • As a result of new policies that make sure premium dollars work for the consumer, not just the insurer, in the past year insurance companies have sent rebates averaging $248 per family to approximately 1,500 consumers. THE WHOLE TRUTH: You justify $248 rebates to 1,500 families by raising premiums for 100 MILLION? Big whoop. New hashtag, if it isn't already out there: #ObamaMath
  • In the first ten months of 2013, 60,100 seniors and people with disabilities have saved on average $876 on prescription medications as the health care law closes Medicare’s so-called “donut hole.” THE WHOLE TRUTH:  Obamacare robbed Medicare of billions of dollars in benefits, many of those cuts taking place in 2018 and beyond when Obama is long gone from office, but when many Boomers will begin to retire. Boomer or older, you've been hoodwinked and robbed.
  • 49,000 young adults have gained health insurance because they can now stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26. THE WHOLE TRUTH: Those 49,000 people already had access to health care, with or without Obamacare (excuse me, the ACA). As a result of Obamacare, many of them lost the coverage they had through universities and colleges, coverage that was affordable and acceptable to them and their parents because they are a low-risk group. This is another area where insurance companies don't just give away enhanced benefits, and employers cannot shoulder all the additional costs of Obamacare. Cha-ching. 49,000 parents are now paying a higher premium for insurance that most of their children rarely will use prior to the age of 26.
  • Individuals no longer have to worry about having their health benefits cut off after they reach a lifetime limit on benefits, and starting in January, 1,566,000 Alabamians will no longer have to worry about annual limits, either. THE WHOLE TRUTH: This is one of the changes that is causing premiums to skyrocket. Believe it or not, health insurance companies cannot afford to provide unlimited lifetime insurance to everyone in the country without charging someone for the enormous expense of doing so. That "someone" is you, the working consumer and taxpayer, not the government. The only money the government has is YOUR money, confiscated from you by this treacherous law.
  • Health centers have received $79,151,000 to provide primary care, establish new sites, and renovate existing centers to expand access to quality health care. Alabama has approximately 140 health center sites, which served about 329,000 individuals in 2012. THE WHOLE TRUTH: This money is graft and extortion money paid to people in the medical industry to get them to support Obamacare (excuse me, the ACA). Where did that $80 million dollars come from? Again, from you, the U.S. consumer and taxpayer, assuming you are a working citizen. If not, then hey, what's to worry? 
Sorry, Mr. President, but your appeal to not repeal is not very appealing. But you are right to be worried, and THAT is appealing to me.