"mot·ley" - Pronunciation Key - [mot-lee]
–ADJECTIVE: 1. exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous: a motley crowd. 2. being of different colors combined; 3. wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool.
–NOUN: 1. a combination of different colors. 5. a parti-colored effect. 6. the parti-colored garment of a jester. 7. a heterogeneous assemblage. 8. a medley.


Sandra Fluke - Bathsalt Zombie?

Is Sandra Fluke a Bathsalt Zombie?

Sandra Fluke had better hope that President Obama is re-elected and gives her a position in his Administration. Who else is likely to hire someone who is a kinder and prettier version, but nevertheless still a Bathsalt Zombie? 

I talk to Zombies all across this country, and the job market for young Zombies is getting better, you know...