"mot·ley" - Pronunciation Key - [mot-lee]
–ADJECTIVE: 1. exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous: a motley crowd. 2. being of different colors combined; 3. wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool.
–NOUN: 1. a combination of different colors. 5. a parti-colored effect. 6. the parti-colored garment of a jester. 7. a heterogeneous assemblage. 8. a medley.


"Fix" Obama-care? Health No!

Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America: How the New Health Care Law Drives Up Costs, Puts Government in Charge of Your Decisions, and Threatens Your Constitutional RightsMy thesaurus says "repeal" and "fix" are not the same thing. I did not vote a straight Republican ticket in anticipation that either those Republicans just elected or those who kept their seats would take part in "fixing" Obama-care. Federal healthcare in ANY form is a Constitutional aberration. GET THIS STRAIGHT: THE BIGGEST (AND MAYBE THE ONLY) PROBLEM WE HAVE WITH HEALTH CARE NOW IS GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT. Take the government out of healthcare completely, and there is rapid recovery. Costs go down. Quality of care goes up. Accessibility improves. People live longer and healthier.

We don't need government to "fix" health care. We need government to "get the health out!" of health-care.