"mot·ley" - Pronunciation Key - [mot-lee]
–ADJECTIVE: 1. exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous: a motley crowd. 2. being of different colors combined; 3. wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool.
–NOUN: 1. a combination of different colors. 5. a parti-colored effect. 6. the parti-colored garment of a jester. 7. a heterogeneous assemblage. 8. a medley.


Conservatives, Get Your Thank-You Postcard From Obama, Then...

As many of you know, I subscribe to www.barackobama.com (aka "Organizing for America") and to its mailing list so I can keep an eye on the Organizer-in-Chief and his merry band of czars.

Today I received an email from Joe Biden, thanking me for helping to make this last congress the most successful in his almost 40 years in Congress (and THAT ought to send shivers down your spine!). The former car salesman and next in line for the Presidency not only thanked the Administration's supporters, he offered to send them a thank you note from the President that features a lovely photo of the first fam'.

I jumped on that offer. You should, too. Here's what you do: Go to the link below in this snippet from Used-Car-Salesman Joe's email and sign up to get a post card from the Prez (or click on this post's Title). Note: Please DO NOT send money when you submit the form and you are redirected to the donations page.

After you receive your thank-you card and the lovely photo of America's most elitist (and most expensive to keep) first family ever, turn around and snail mail it back to him with a picture of YOUR family and thank him for saddling them with debt they can never hope to pay off, an openly-gay military,  a failed spending plan that enriched no one but his buddies and the Democrat National Party, a one-sided arms treaty that puts our physical security at risk, a failed policy for prosecuting terrorists, and the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression.

If you are unemployed, you might also thank him for extending your unemployment benefits; be sure to include a picture of your unemployment check along with a picture of your former paycheck for comparison purposes.

Biden email snippet: 

Joe writes: "So here's the deal: President Obama wants to send you a note to express how grateful we are for all you did." (Editor's note: And to ask you to send more money. Your taxes are not enough.)" Would you like to receive one?