"mot·ley" - Pronunciation Key - [mot-lee]
–ADJECTIVE: 1. exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous: a motley crowd. 2. being of different colors combined; 3. wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool.
–NOUN: 1. a combination of different colors. 5. a parti-colored effect. 6. the parti-colored garment of a jester. 7. a heterogeneous assemblage. 8. a medley.


Back to basics in recruiting for Google

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Numbers, Money and Organization: Why The Majority Opposition Will Lose The Obamacare Battle

No one disputes that a significant majority of Americans don't like and don't want Obamacare.  The debate over repealing Obamacare is much more disputable in the public arena, with many still calling for its abolition, others calling for its reform, and a sizable minority arguing that it is too late to turn back now. 

But the overall numbers of supporters and detractors in this battle mean nothing. The only meaningful numbers are (1) the number of people who are officially employed or voluntarily organized and engaged in actively promoting Obamacare, and (2) the number of dollars expended to accomplish (1). Simply put, the detractors are not organized or funded anywhere close to the extent to which the ACA supporters are organized and funded. In the end, the supporters will spend far more to reach and convince more people than the detractors will, even if that means buying support by sending out pre-filled "vote Democrat" voter registration cards with each ACA enrollment, not to mention 100% subsidized premiums for many in the Democrat base.

Take a look at the Advisory Council of Enroll America, a virtual roll-call of Who's Who in activist medical groups, professional medical associations, lobbying groups and private medical and insurance companies. Every organization on the Council -- whose membership, if you count all their employees, must number into the tens of thousands -- is actively involved in pushing and selling Obamacare and shouting down the opposition every time it utters a syllable in objection. Every organization on the council has a vested financial interest in keeping Obamacare alive. The very existence of the Council allows its members to consolidate their thoughts, their strategy and their efforts. And ultimately, if not more immediately and proximate, it is all paid for by the taxpayers.

Consider that the Advisory Council is but one tool and one group that the Administration has at its disposal to hawk Obamacare and to undermine the opposition's efforts, and I think you will see (if not agree) why my premise is not just the survival of Obamacare, but its eternal existence in American politics and life.  The opposition has nowhere near the same number of well-funded, active, organized members. And social media alone is not suitable or powerful enough for the opposition to compete; the screamers, philosophers and apologists on both sides merely offset one another. Where it really counts, Obamacare supporters have it all over Obamacare detractors.

The argument that Obamacare has, or soon will, become forever patched into the fabric of the American quilt is unarguably correct. Even if the Republicans win back the Senate in the next mid-term and the Presidency in the next general election, it will be too late. America has been forever changed, and not, I fear, for the better.

The Official "7.1 million enrolled, 5 million engaged, 5.1% more on Medicaid" Obamacare Propaganda Pieces

Last week President Obama crowed to the world that 7.1 million people "enrolled" for Obamacare prior to the shifting March 31 deadline.. Today, Enroll America sent out an email (below) stating that they have "engaged" 5 million consumers. Also today, Enroll America posted on their blog the "First Official Report on Medicaid Enrollment: More Than Three Million Got Covered in Five Months" which talks about the glorious, victorious 5 percent increase in total medicaid growth (whatever "total" is supposed to mean) since the launch of Obamacare five months ago. 

Confused? So am I. And I am convinced that our confusion is exactly what the White House (WH), the Democrats in Congress and the Mainstream Media (MSM) want. I am equally convinced that the numbers don't add up, and the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

Confusion aside, let's focus on the email immediately below (and reproduced in its entirety here) and the other information we have gathered for you that follows the email.

What We've Learned From Engaging More Than Five Million Consumers

By teaming up with more than 2,300 partner organizations, hosting more than 22,000 outreach and enrollment events, and mobilizing more than 27,000 volunteers, we were able to engage more than five million consumers during the first open enrollment period:
(end of email excerpt, full email here) ==============================================

But our favorite garbage pail of self-congratulatory, self-indulgent rationalization after the March 31 faux-deadline passed can be found here (partially reproduced below). Depending on which side of the partisan fence you are located, you will either agree with the triumphant claims of success, or you will puke. Personally, I did the latter, so that probably gives away my political leanings. Lest you miss the important last sentence and thus fail to learn that there is a two-day victory party scheduled in D.C. in June, we produce that for your below:
"For more ideas on how to take your outreach and enrollment efforts to the next level in the coming months, register today for our national conference, State of Enrollment: Getting America Covered, in Washington, D.C., June 16-18."

For Obamacare news junkies like me, be sure to bookmark the EnrollAmerica.org for more exciting and confusing news of the continuing and growing success of the Affordable Care Act. Is is pure propaganda, but it is fun and interesting reading. Just be sure to put on our high-topped shoes or galoshes before you step into it.